Hi! I'm Kim.

In my professional life, I've been a leader in the marketing and communications field for 23 years. I left my long-time career in the corporate world in 2014 to venture out on my own. Very exciting! Throughout my career, I've worked in the press, the travel industry, the tech industry, and in the world of commercial real estate.

In my personal life, I'm a wife to an amazing husband and mommy to the best 3 little kiddos in the world. I love wine, and in particular Italian reds. I enjoy cooking, golfing and getting my exercise on the W&OD trail.

Everything I've learned throughout my life has taught me that authenticity is what it's all about. Be human, be vulnerable, be real. That's what I strive for all day long.

Oh, and if you're wondering why my company is named after an Italian castle, well it's pretty simple: there's a castle in Tuscany that is my happy place. I love everything about it...from its beauty, to its strength, to its mystery. It's kind-of the same way I feel about marketing...when done right, it's all of those things.